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In ALICE - unions for social services workers we are bringing together workers from all types of social services (care, prevention, counselling), and also from various types of facilities and regions of the Czech republic. We are here for all who work in social services and who want to participate in improving working conditions and salaries of care and social workers. Our members are care workers in nursing homes, in the field or those providing personal assistance, social workers, nurses, but also other workers as cleaners, maintenance workers or laundry workers.

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What we want


To increase prestige of work in social services and to raise public awareness about these professions.

Work safety

To advocate for safe work environment of social services workers on both national and local level and to ensure sufficient staffing and financial support of social services.

Adequate salaries

To improve financial rewarding of those employed in social services.

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What we offer

Community and support

We are together in this!


Our rights on the workplaces.


To the improvement of position of workers in social services.


With UZO providing our members with legal advice and education.

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